Jack Daniel Abuda, 23, Daly City, Visual Merchandising and Styling.



Apt Flashback - A.B.A.

Aww. Miss this.

I was looking through my archive and this video popped up. It’s crazy to see how mature we were dancing on apt, and that a lot of us on this team are on The Company or dancing with other teams. You all are amazing dancers.

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The Rail March 2014: Shorts!

So much of our spring items are finally coming in. Polos, short sleeve button up shirts, tank tops and of course shorts!



I made a new blog for merchandising and styling purposes

I know it’s not much, so follow as you please. Basically a portfolio of the work I’ve done for my job.


The Rail WWSF January 2014: Denim, sweaters and socks.

Goodbye 426, hello 425
I transferred stores in the beginning of December. Higher volume store = more product. Here’s the outcome

The Rail WWSF November 2013: Sweaters and layering pieces

Come 4th quarter no real design comes into play with merchandising tables since we have to try to fit all merchandise on the floor, but I decided to break some rules.

Leading the table with different Obey items from shirt-jackets, chunky knit cardigans, to long sleeves. Combined with different textures of corduroy, knits, and woven’s.

Anniversary sale pant table, sized and stylized.

Before the madness.

The Rail WWSF: Cords and Chinos

Focused on merchandising our colored Dockers Alpha Khakis and Levi’s 513 corduroy pants. Did a little play with denim on denim and kept it fun with the polka dotted Herschel backpack for the top display.

Men’s sportswear WWSF July 2013: Polos and Pants

Simply created the table with Burberry Brit Pique Polo paired back with Adriano Goldschmied Protégé Suds.

The Rail WWSF: Dockers

One stop shop for colored chino pants from Dockers along with their casual two button sport coats.

The Rail
Did a complete wall blitz for our Men’s Half Yearly Sale. Re-merchandized our spring/summer full priced items.